Web marketing is a constantly evolving field that can be applied to many different situations. Oftentimes, people wonder whether a website is enough to illustrate to customers what is their product or service, so that potential clients can evaluate it and make a decision.

The answer is no: the launch of a website or an e-shop is only the starting point of a much longer journey that will lead to the acquisition of new customers or the loyalty of existent clients.

Users sometimes wonder how they’re directed towards certain websites that offer the item or service they looked up on the browser using keywords.

This happens thanks to specific tools employed in Web Marketing and SEO services; a team of professionals that own Google’s main certifications to use the tools to manage advertising campaigns Pay Per Click (PPC) and the Web analytics employs such tools.

We know that companies – both large and small – need to obtain quantifiable results when they spend their budget on marketing tools, therefore we dedicate a lot of effort to reading and interpreting data in order to provide the customers with useful information that help them better understand their clients, figure out their needs, and presenting a solution in line with them.

SiComunicaWeb is able to create and/or improve the visibility of your brand online – even on the main social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and G+. Once you insert your content and banners, your customers will be able to get in touch with you directly. This campaign is aimed at increasing brand awareness amongst a public that will recognize and admire it, distinguishing it from competitors and intermediaries.

 Discover our Web Marketing service:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO (search engines optimization
  • SEM (Advertising campaigns on the Web – AdWords, etc.)

Thanks to SiComunicaWeb, we finally placed well on Google and acquired several new contacts; we started with the cheapest solution, then saw the excellent results and we upgraded the service.

Elisa Simoni, Simoni Arredatori - SEO

We are a clothing store with a predominantly local clientele; SiComunicaWeb brought us to leverage Facebook as a channel for us to learn even more about our area, and it proved to be the right choice compared to other types of traditional advertising. We have grown a lot and now we can communicate with our customers quickly and inform people near us about our promotions and new arrivals.

Francesco Orsenigo, Grazia Arredamenti - Facebook

I was spending a lot on printing paper; thanks to them I realized that nowadays, if you want to work, you must be present on search engines.

Antonio Gasparri, Directors of Traslochi Europa - Indexing

Since we relied on SiComunicaWeb for our online visibility we’ve been receiving on average 10 to 20 quote requests per day, and the web is currently our sole sales force. We follow both the organic search engine optimization (we are the first of the first page Google for the keyword "photocopiers") and the AdWords service.

Cristina Tretola, Administrative Manager of Cama Sistemi S.r.l. - Indexing