Design, the creation of a website is no simple thing, as it requires a high level of collaboration with contracting companies and some specific knowledge from those who have to elaborate contents (texts, pictures, videos) which will be subjected to the client’s attention.

Creating websites that can act as real online shops, at the moment, is only possible by sustaining costs that can be affordable for anyone, and it represents a necessary investment for an owned business. As a matter of fact, through them, transactions of goods and services among businesses, and between manufacturer and final-end users can be made possible.

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A group of competent consultants can effectively put you on the right path, by creating websites that rely on graphic content with the objective of reinforcing your relationships with clients acquired over time, or rather, on dynamic websites the contents of which may vary due to ever-changing circumstances, sites that emerge from the rest of the pack due to their high interaction between them and its visitors.

SiComunicaWeb creates websites while always considering your needs and your selling activity, for either goods or services, for the purpose of letting you get ever-growing market shares over time, thanks to the increases in requests from your visitors, which will be able to choose the products or services you issue on the market from the comfort of their own sofa, in their own home.

Our company, by meeting its client’s needs, creates websites that can be  managed by us or rather  self-manageable by the client. As far as the first technology concerns, we are directly responsible of the management of your website and its pages, leaving you full liberty of choice for contents and pictures that will be posted.

As for the second category, instead, you will be the ones  directly managing the content-posting activity, as well as all images posted, dealing with graphics and data updates.We are available for each and every one of your requests or ideas, helping you into successfully turning them in reality.

SiComunicaWeb has enabled us to successfully update our website with pictures, videos and events, in a completely autonomous way. Being the owners of a shop-based activity, it is crucial for us to be autonomous as far posting contents is concerned, we organize new events every week and thanks to the social network-integrated website, we are able to reach our users in real-time. SiComunicaWeb supports and follows us promptly and punctually.

Mario Sio, Administrator of Sio Cafe Milano - Manageable Website

Before choosing SiComunicaWeb we had a Flash-based website that we couldn't autonomously manage, now we can update all aspects of our site: locations, photo galleries and all pages, texts and images of the site. Besides, over the design-phase we got some advice which turned out to actually be true intuitions which brought us a lot of new contacts from the internet.

Fabrizio Barroi, Administrator of Arte Sapori Catering - Manageable Website

We had an old, unmanageable and obsolete website, when we started to look for a new web agency to task with the duty of completely restructuring our web presence. Among the many companies we met and the quotes we received, SiComunicaWeb was the one which convinced us the most, even though it wasn't exactly the cheapest one. What convinced us is the emphatic, proactive approach they had, along with their great availability, besides the winning solutions they issued for our problems. Our faith has been rewarded in terms of respecting deadlines and quality of the provided work. If we could come back we would, once again, choose SiComunicaWeb.

Andrea Gilardoni, CEO of Nautica Pennati - Manageable Website/SEO

We never had a website and we don't have the necessity of constantly updating our pages, so, with SiComunicaWeb, we created a simple and functional website that can represent us for a fairly reduced cost.

Diego Gelfi - Showcase Website

A simple and quick instruments for keeping our website always updated.

Pierangelo Bresciani, Administrator of Granitmarmi srl - Showcase Website

The SiComunicaWeb team is very much available for satisfying each and every need for customization of our website.

Annalisa Invernizzi, Marketing Manager of Forum Progetti srl - Showcase Website

The ideal solution for a small brand willing to present its services on the web.

Livio Messina, Administrator of Stella Cometa - Showcase Website