A cheap but very effective promotional tool is the SMS marketing. It is a crucial means for companies, but also for professionals, associations, political parties  and so many operators  need the immediacy of communication at low cost.

Many commercial operators and not, therefore, usually invest in services offered from marketing sms platforms and Corporate Communication.

SiComunicaWeb brings you services of sending SMS from our computer, via internet, where it’s possible to customize the sender’s name.

The SMS among other can be used for an endless series of reasons and not just for advertising purposes. Very often, in fact, the companies use the customized sms to respond to a request for information, that is been received via call or electronic email.

This way, the recipients for the text message can quickly see the answer that remains stored in the mobile phone, which may result always at their disposal in case of consultation. The SMS is very used for communications regarding special offers which are ongoing by inviting the client to visit the company’s premises to take a view of the latest products.

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