Another service for the communication very efficient it’s THE DEM, acronym of Direct Email Marketing. Nowadays , it is necessary the help of experts in the field email marketing services that will make know everything that the company desires to place in the market, whatever the niche or the quota currently held by the company. In such activity includes as well the planning of messages to post, the marketing development through e-mail and everything that concerns its preparation.

Even in this case, it is important to assess some variables regarding the target market to make an analysis of competitors to ensure that such instrument can be used effectively. The DEM service assures you the opportunity to concentrate the effects of an advertising campaign in less extended and functional periods of time according to the launching of new products in the market. Our teams are joined by specialized technicians in the offer of services such as DEM that is of great significance for the improving of the visibility of your company and for the advertising of its products or services.

SiComunicaWeb features a platform of a professional e-mail sending with a dedicated smtp.

Ideal for:

  • Newsletters
  • E-Brochures
  • Offers and promotions launch

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Email Connect Features:

  • Sending of thousands of e-mails automatically, simply and quickly
  • Simple Configuration: the program can automatically load all the data necessary to send the message
  • The sending of messages in HTML or Text format
  • Creation of messages 100% customized
  • Each person receives his email with his own data in the message Name,
  • Surname, Email… etc. each recipient sees the header, just his own email address (no groups), such as a personal message
  • Management of endless lists for multiple sending
  • Ability to import and export data easily
  • Ability to plan and timing to send the message
  • Management of attachments and images to e-mail in HTML format
  • Automatic sending message handling for birthdays
  • Mailing list management with welcome messages
  • Statistics: Real-time reports of emails sent
  • Statistics: Email displayed to the user
  • Statistics: Email failed with error codes
  • Statistics: Ability to export reports to update and clean the lists