Today we are witnessing an important evolution of the context in which companies are to act: the current situation of the markets is changing the classic corporate vision and, with it, also the methods and channels by which this communicates. One of these channels is constituted by a valid and updated database of business contacts through which disseminate their own message.

In this context, we are looking at a significant mutation in the choice of marketing strategies policies: the reflection leads to state that it is no longer enough the simple traditional marketing, which is the “process of analysis, planning, implementation and control of decisions about your product, price, promotion and communication in order to create exchanges that are necessary to achieve the objectives of individuals and organizations “, as it is defined by the American Marketing Association.

The classic forms of marketing are in fact leaving more and more way to new strategies, which can not be separated from the evolution of the instruments available to companies and allow to reach their target audience; potential customers are increasingly receptive to the web messages, and move in their own work contexts through the support of digital instruments.

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These few reflections lead to understand why, if the traditional marketing represents the past, the web marketing is its evolution and therefore the future.

This involves the deployment of a product-oriented type of marketing logic to a customer-oriented, in which every decision revolves around the firm bond with the customer, with whom a relationship is established “one-to-one”.

In this context, e-mail marketing is one of the most profitable marketing tools available on the web.

That’s why the email marketing:

  • IT’S CHEAP. Or it has extremely low operating costs.
  • IT’S PROFITABLE. The email marketing campaigns offer a high ROI.
  • IT’S CUSTOMIZED. You can propose solutions, unique and personalized products and services based on the characteristics of the customer who will receive the specific communication.
  • IT’S QUANTIFIABLE. allows a very easy control and analysis of the results, which are made available in a short time-frame.

SiComunicaWeb offers an outlined corporate database of more than 2 millions of companies both in Italy and abroad, in collaboration with the main market leaders.  The data are safe and collected in privacy as well as guaranteed.

  • In fact in case of incorrect email addresses or no longer operating, the customer may request:
  • The replacement of contacts with others
  • A discount coupon to use on future purchases
  • The refund of the amount paid for the names not working.