SiComunicaWeb, agency specialized in corporate communication and web marketing, offers a service mainly taking into account of the characteristics of the activity carried on by the company, not only your  requirements  and also of those of your clients, carrying on market research in order to study their preferences.

Besides, our company tries to present your initiatives, our promotions or the launching of your products or services through the so-called Direct Marketing tools which provides for immediate communication through the sending of sms via internet or by marketing e-mail activities.

The email marketing it’s a kind of direct and effective propaganda, but also convenient on an economic level, since the costs involved to bear with are rather low.

In a moment  in which it is necessary for the companies is to write off the management costs, a reduction of the advertising costs can be convenient in terms of the company budgets, without losing the incisiveness that the best business communication possible can guarantee when advertising how good his product or service is.

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We purchased a database of 4200 contacts of Italian companies of the sectors of our interest, SiComunicaWeb oversaw the creation of the offer and sending mail to all the contacts acquired through their professional platform. Thanks to these mailings were able to forge relationships with new clients that we could not reach otherwise.

Isabella Sapienza, CEO of Fabbrica Italiana Scale - Database

A quick and convenient way to manage our communications with all areas of the team: the players, the fans and the internal communications.

Paolo Gavazzi, ASD Basket Carugate President - SMS