Today to manage communication we use mobile phones and tablets, devices that need software development for iPhone or Android to be exploited to the full potential. You will have the opportunity to be always available online and to be easily found.

These tools are ideal to transmit the image of your brand following the evolution that is occurring in the technology marketplace. Our consultants will support you to help you spread the image of your company in the marketplace.

The benefits arising from this kind of use are multiple. For example, you will be able to reduce the costs for printing and distribution, to improve the level of interaction between your company and potential customers by using pics, videos, audio books and so much more.

Mobile Market is today divided in this way:

iPhone – The most complete and updated platform. An app published on the App Store is visible to millions of users and potential customers. It represents about 25% of the mobile phone market.
iPad – The paradigm of tablets is the new frontier of digital publishing. Today it represents 18% of the Tablet market.
Android – The Google open source operating system, the most popular platform. It represents about 45% of the market
BlackBerry – The most popular mobile phones in the corporate and business sector. Currently it represents 14% of the market.

Our advice is to develop an app that is usable both from Apple and Android users in order to cover at least 70% of the market. Developing just an Apple app would perhaps be today too restrictive.

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10 reasons to have an app:

  1. To be everywhere (mobile)
  2. To be found (App Stores are the new search engines)
  3. For positioning (an app conveys the image of a brand in step with times)
  4. In order to be ready for the future
  5. To be where the people are (mobile social networking is growing)
  6. To be online (even without an internet connection)
  7. To save money (printing and distribution costs elimination)
  8. To learn (tutorial, assembly drawings, education, help,…)
  9. To be interactive (pics, video, audio, text, interactions, games,…)
  10. Because we design the app WITH YOU and we create it FOR YOU.